Chaminuka is becoming a Lusaka Suburb

The location of Chaminuka has become closer to the hub of Lusaka as the city has rapidly expanded in the last ten years. The expansion of the city in the past decade in to the Leopards Hill, State Lodge, Makeni and Chilanga areas has reached saturation point in terms of the availability of prime land for housing.

Lusaka has turned eastwards along the Great East Road and the northeast in the area between the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) and Chisamba and now envelopes the Chongwe/ Ngwerere area. The roads leading to and from Chaminuka are the most accessible in Lusaka and a mere 10 minutes from the airport and just 45 minutes from the centre of town.

The KKIA- Chisamba Road is being tarred, the distance to Arcades and Manda Hill Malls will be only 20 minutes.

And a new frontier of economic activity.

The development of the New Airport Terminal and the Zambia China Economic Zone next door, are providing the impetus for expansion of the commuter belt along the road from the KKIA to Chaminuka and the new Chisamba town. The road is currently being tarred all the way to the Great North Road. At the same time, the capacity of the road between the Lusaka and the Airport is being enlarged, which will also reduce commuting time considerably.

The development of CWE aims to give Lusaka a vibrant new alternative residential heart with things to do for adults and children. Create a world-class wildlife estate development to complement the existing facilities at Chaminuka Lodge that will act as a catalyst for the upgrade and redevelopment of Lusaka east and to maximize the potential of the site’s prime location in the North Eastern part of Lusaka.

Chaminuka will remain an oasis of parkland and a Nature Reserve.
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