….With facilities and services that offer the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living.

Each plot is approximately one acre in size (4,000 square metres) and is fully serviced with electricity, water reticulation and accessed using an internal top-level gravel road network. The backbone grid for water and electricity has already been completed.

Plots are arranged amphitheatrically, the focal feature being a lake. Communal protected parks and walking paths for residents to enjoy a total outdoor experience will surround this. And for your social life on the Southern shores of the lake, a boardwalk nestled into the forest will host a camouflaged restaurant, bar, spa, gym and infinity pool.

Homeowners will create an association and appoint a management company. The management will be responsible for the running and maintenance of the Estate. Chaminuka Nature Reserve will continue to manage the wildlife.

With your plot you will receive a copy of a homeowners constitution and architectural guidelines, both designed to optimize and enhance your existence with wildlife and nature.

You will also have a choice of one of four architectural house designs. You are free to choose one or design one of your own liking. If you do choose the latter, CWE shall review your plans to ensure that consistent standards are maintained and that they conform to CWE’s Architectural Guidelines.

A secure gated housing community....
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