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Where is Chaminuka Wildlife Estates situated?

CWE is situated on the right side, 10 kms past the Chaminuka Nature Reserve main gate on the road from the Lusaka airport to Chisamba, 25 minutes from the airport.

Please explain about the “Chaminuka Nature Reserve”?

CWE is a part of the Chaminuka Nature Reserve, a 9800 acre private game reserve with the Chaminuka Lodge on site. CWE Estates takes up about 600 acres of the northern part of the Reserve. For more information on the Reserve, please click on www.chaminuka.com

What form of ownership is available at CWE?

Once the subdivision is approved by Ministry of Lands, you will receive a 99-year lease on your plot with a title deed.

What benefits does long term lease hold title ownership offer?

Owners at CWE Estate will obtain a title deed for their property once it has been transferred in the deeds office. Long term lease title benefits owners as they can apply for a mortgage bond from a bank or other financial institution. When you need to sell your home at CWE Estate the transaction is a lot easier as the interested purchaser can apply for a mortgage loan to finance the purchase.

Will I be able to sell my plot at any point.

Of course you may. However the new owner will have to contractually accept the homeowner’ association rules and undertake to abide by them.

Can I fence my 1-acre property?

Fencing will not be allowed around the 1-acre properties. The wildlife should be able to move freely around, and in your plot.

Will there be levies?

The Developer and the CWE Home Owners Association, of which each owner becomes a member, will determine the levy structure at their annual general meeting.

What will the levies pay for?

Each property will be levied for maintenance of the reserve, the roads, security and other facilities. A portion of the levy will be paid to the Developer to maintain the game elements as well as the fences and security.

Are there any additional costs involved in owning a property at CWE?

Electricity and water usage in the home will be for the owners account. Should property rates and taxes ever be levied over the property, this would also be for the owners account.

How will the Estate be managed?

The Developer will have principal management responsibility, and a CWE Home Owners Association will have direct role in certain affairs of the Estate. Once you have purchased a plot at Chaminuka Estates, you automatically become a member of the CWE Home Owners Association.

Can I travel freely around the Estate?

The traversing rights on the Estate will be limited to properties and thoroughfares for vehicles, and non-motorized means can take advantage of footpaths that will be established in the open game viewing areas. – See more at: http://test.chaminukaestates.com/location.php#sthash.8VeEjxKO.dpuf

Can I use a quad bike/off road motorbike at Chaminuka Estates?

Due to the nature of the development, no excessive noise will be allowed; this precludes the use of quad bikes and any off-road motorbikes. These may only be used to exit or access the property.

How is the estate going to be secured?

There will be a high level of automated security at the entrance gate to Chaminuka Estates. There will also be a security team monitoring the estate with vehicles. The entire perimeter of the game park has a game fence.

Are pets allowed on the estate?

No. Unfortunately pets may carry diseases that can prove fatal to wild animals.

The site map shows that all the plots are densely populated. Will that mean dense living?

It’s deceptive. You need to take the following in consideration

1. Each plots is 1 acre of 4000 sq. meters
2. Fences are not permitted on any plots, and all plots can only have indigenous plants and trees.
3. That a house will range from 150 sq. meters to 240 sq. meters foot ( 400 sq meters maximum living areas) print representing 4% to 6% of the plot.
4. That the total estate is 600 acres or 2,400,000 sq. meters
5. That once all houses and other buildings (shops etc.) are constructed the total sq. meters used as foot print will be between 50,000 and 72,000 representing 2% to 3% of the total land.

Other aesthetic factors that need to be taken in to consideration are that trees will not be permitted to be cut down in the construction of the house. That means that one will need to find a space on the plot that will permit the size of house to be constructed without the destruction of trees. Which also means that the houses will ne nicely camouflaged. Secondly the reason why the design of the plots are in an amphitheatrically shape is to avoid any one plot to be head on to the next. That means all plots will as much as possible not have an interrupted view. – See more at: http://test.chaminukaestates.com/location.php#sthash.8VeEjxKO.dpuf

Who do the wildlife belong to?

The wildlife belongs to Chaminuka Nature Reserve. They have had a successful 40-year history of managing wildlife. The estate will engage in a long-term lease arrangement where animals will be able to migrate to and from the Estate. That also provides diversity of viewing.

Do I have to build on my stand within a certain time frame?

You must build your home within 3 years of purchasing a plot. Although once you have started building your home must be completed within a period of 6 months. – See more at: http://test.chaminukaestates.com/location.php#sthash.8VeEjxKO.dpuf

What size dwelling can I build on the Estate?

The building footprint is no more than 240 sq. m or 6% of a 1-acre plot, and you should not build within 5 meters from the perimeter of your property. There is an approval process with the Developer on the site, designs, and contractor qualifications. Floor surface can range from 120 sq. m to 400 sq. m.

Are there architectural guidelines?

Yes. The style of the homes is contemporary as well as being eco-friendly with emphasis on low maintenance and maximum adaptation to the environment. CWE has already developed 6 designs which are accepted to conform with the vision and philosophy in conjunction with a preferred general contractor, Tusk Development Corporation, who can build such homes and has completed the show house.

May I use my own architect?

The Developer has appointed a committee with architect and other expertise, which are familiar with the Estate and the requirements. Owners have the freedom to utilize the services of their own architect, however all plans will have to be signed off by the committee architect and conform with the Architectural Guidelines. Comments the Developer has received from several interested plot buyers indicate that they too want to see a harmonious housing architecture in the landscape of the Estate.

May I use my own builder?

The Developer is working closely with Tusk Development Corporation for certain buildings, however you may use your own builder provided that he signs the rules and regulations stipulated for builders.

What is the cost of each house?

Houses will cost anywhere between ZMK 4.3 million (USD 850 equivalent) to ZMK 5.6 million (USD 1,100) to construct depending on the quality of your individual finished. The houses range from 100 sq. meters to 350 sq. meters. The cost of the houses will range from ZMK 430 million (USD 85,000) to ZMK 1.9 billion (USD 385,000). These prices do not include the cost of the plot.

Will my plot be connected to the electricity and water grid?

The development company will provide the grid for both water and electricity. It will be the responsibility of each owner to arrange connection to his/ her individual home.

Can I build servant’s quarters at my house?

Unfortunately not. If you wish to have a servant’s quarters some land has been allocated and partitioned for that purpose. You will be able to buy a small piece and the developer will arrange construction of it. However, a maid’s room can be integrated in to the main house’s design. That will be for the use of the maid. Families will not be permitted to live there.

When will the road be tarred to Chaminuka?

The Road Development Agency has stated that it is part of the first phase. It is anticipated that the end of 2013 will complete it.

Do you offer mortgages to purchase plots?

We are associated to a couple of financial institutions that offer mortgages to buy plots. We can refer you to them. The credit decision is theirs.

Do you offer construction loans?

We are associated to a couple of financial institutions that offer construction loans. As above the credit decision is theirs.

Do you offer housekeeping, maintenance, gardening and pool services?

Yes we will do. Each service will be charged at an extra cost.

How can I earn income from my home in CWE, other than renting it out to the public?

Should your home qualify, Chaminuka Lodge will place its overflow clients in to your home. Chaminuka will get a fee for placing the client and managing your home. The rest of the rental is yours.

Where will the main entrance to CWE be located?

5-10minutes from the Chaminuka Lodge Main Gate

When are people going to start building?

It is up to you as the client to approach us when they’re ready to build, provided your plot has been paid for in full.

How many structures can I put up on one plot?


Can I cut down trees when building?

Yes, but non exceeding a diameter of 60mm

What’s the maximum size of house I’m allowed to build?

The footprint of your house cannot exceed 6% of your plot size. I may go up 2 storeys though, but no higher than the tree line.

Do I get a title deed for my plot?

Yes, upon completion of payment for your plot.

Am I allowed to plant a vegetable garden within my plot?

Yes, though your gardens will need fencing to protect them from wildlife. Fences will have to be aesthetically pleasing and in line with the character of the estate.

Am I allowed to plant flowers within my plot?

You may plant any indigenous plant in your garden.

Is it safe to walk around the estate during day/night?

Yes, perfectly safe

Can we place burglar bars?

Yes, but we will work with you to insure the designs remain aesthetically pleasing.

Can I bring my own domestic employees?

We recommend you hire locally (from the Chaminuka community). If there is a strong demand of people that want to bring their own, the Committee is considering building a worker’s compound away from the Estate.

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