VIlla KaTanda
Villa PaMunzi
Villa Makumbi


Each of the four homes has been designed to externally fuse or blend with the surrounding environment. As such emphasis has been placed on clean Lines, hidden roofs, river stone façade, and wooden pergolas.

The architect’s brief was to “bring the outside, in”. This was achieved through the integration of open plans, high ceilings, corner windows, floor to ceiling glass and deep patios. Open plans allow for one room to flow into the next, in an effort to eventually enable every space to effortlessly flow outdoors, without the interruption of physical boundaries; high ceilings allow for seemingly more open rooms.

Corner windows provide for 180° views outwards. Floor to ceiling glass (doors and windows), bolstered by the inclusion of deep patios, create the seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces. Deep patios act as transitional spaces that are both theoretically and functionally neither outside nor inside. They are intermediate spaces that allow the indoor to seamlessly and effortlessly merge with the outdoors. These design strategies also maximize the capture of natural light and ventilation to all spaces.

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